Monday, July 23, 2012

Este es el 1º Sketchbook que inicie en Santo Domingo, ademas de 3 o 4 dibujos no terminados que dibuje en el lugar y espero colorear aqui.
El ritmo de las actividades es muy diferente alli! No hay tres horas para hacer un dibujo terminado. Todo es rapido y realmente "Sketch".

No habia tenido hasta ahora un "cuaderno", solo un bloc anillado. Pero un amigo nuevo, Miguel H, me bromeo que "era claro que yo era un novato, ya que un verdadero cuadernista no seja espacio para elegir sus mejores dibujos y esconder los otros. En cambio, todo va al cuaderno y queda como un diario grafico. Y tiene mucho sentido, asi que a partir de ahora voy a tener un cuaderno para dibujos rapidos, y hojas Canson para watercolor de 300 g para dibujos mas elaborados y con tiempo.
En Santo Domingo las cosas son rapidas. Este es el "Post" que hice en el blog de USK·, al que mucha gente se sumo.
"In 1969 some guys organized a music festival in Woodstock. "3 days of peace and mucic" They never imagined the thing would go far beyond music to become an icon of peaceful & happy chaos.
Santo Domingo + USK3 is very similar. They should call it "3 days of beer and paper".
We are not so many, but wait.....Today, Santo Domingo, tomorrow, the world!
I have been musician, architect, teacher & photographer. Spent decades doing those things, yet I have never seen anything like this. And I believe the guys that orgaize the Symposium are beginning to realize that this has a scope far beyond filling a sketchpad.
The first thing one realizes is that the organization is there and perfect, but at the same time subtle enough to have you feel it all happens naturally, almost spontaneously. The staff and instructors are there with you, all in the same level. There is a workshop, and other instructors are doing it as students. 
People float around the city, and locals mix with groups seamlessly. At lunch you drop into a table where you see people holding sketchpads, no matter whether you are staff or student; no matter if when it comes to drawing you are a god or the inverse (a dog); no matter the language: the soundtrack of this groups resembles the UN’s.
Somehow the groups reorganize for the workshop in the afternoon, one walks there chatting all the way and back, and after close to twelve hours on a very hot street jumping from one shadow to the next and all is said and done everyone directs freely to a bar in Atarazanas square, where all sit loosely in great tables, beer in one hand, sketchbooks in the other, drawing one another, offering tips and advice. No god boasts of his/her work, and no one is an underdog. Communism working at last!
You end the day with just a bite on the way and not having realized it. And then you faint in bed, and next day is here and it’s all over again.
You have to admire the guys that put this together, specially the Dominican people jumping from one foot to another, never losing the smile and with time for a chat. I am just a participant, but I´ve made good friends among the instructors, so I feel in a very good position to judge."
It’s magical. We all feel it. People speak in awe of the feeling of community that’s on the air, because it is not about the instructors or the drawings or the city. It’s about us."

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