Thursday, April 11, 2013

Last summer, some visits to a club shipyard

 That day was hot as hell, so I found a spot under some trees and drew from under the shadow. Not many options when the sun hits for real.
That shipyard is a real mess. Things lie scattered and it was not easy finding good angles. 
I liked this one very much.
I was trying a new Hero pen and did the trees with it. The outcome is awful!. 
You just can´t use heavy line work when all the rest is delicate....

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  1. Jorge, puedes decir lo que quieras, de que te costó encontrar un buen ángulo, o que los árboles del tercero no te parecen correctos..... a mi me parecen tus tres dibujos... portentosos. Si uno es bueno, el otro es mejor. Todo lo que he visto de tu obra.... me deja admirado. ¡ Qué pedazo de artista !. Saludos.